Ms. Valentine

While I realize it was Valentines Day last week I still wanted to post my image of the week, which I was previously unable to do simply because I ran out of time before being away for the long weekend.

Ms. Valentine, who is more accurately referred to as Mrs. Simpson is the my sweet wife Karla. Due to unfortunate circumstances we were not able to spend Valentines Day together this year, but instead we celebrated with a nice dinner at our favourite Kingston restaurant on Monday.

Cuba At Peace

While my wife and I were visiting Havana, Cuba during our honeymoon in 2006 I happened to snap this shot while traveling through a small village. It is a simple photograph of a slender Cuban man sitting peacefully in the shade on a beaten up park bench.

I suppose to me this image symbolizes the shadow that US President John F. Kennedy cast on Cuba in 1962, and the struggles that Cuban citizens have had to endure while they wait peacefully and patiently for the attack on their economic resources to cease.