Warm Memories

Completely by accident I appear to be keeping with my Cuba honeymoon vacation theme for the image of the week.

This weeks image is titled Warm Memories for two reasons; obviously the first being the fact that this was my honeymoon, but the second because it is currently -28°C with the wind chill factor outside today, and recalling this memory of when it was warm (actually about 62° warmer than the current temperature outside) is getting me through this cold snap which is apparently not supposed to end for another 4 days.

Cuba At Peace

While my wife and I were visiting Havana, Cuba during our honeymoon in 2006 I happened to snap this shot while traveling through a small village. It is a simple photograph of a slender Cuban man sitting peacefully in the shade on a beaten up park bench.

I suppose to me this image symbolizes the shadow that US President John F. Kennedy cast on Cuba in 1962, and the struggles that Cuban citizens have had to endure while they wait peacefully and patiently for the attack on their economic resources to cease.

No “K” in Cuba

I haven’t written a blog post in a while, but I thought I would hop on tonight and express my mixed emotion about my upcoming holiday.

Since, erm… December Karla and I have been planning on going “somewhere warm” for a holiday the end of October / first part of November. I have been excited for quite a while, and when I found out there were actually five or six people game for a vacation, I was uber happy.

Well three weeks ago Karla found out she got a new job!!! YEY FOR KARLA! I am so proud of my wife!!! The down side to this amazing career opportunity of course is that she can no longer go away on our vacation.

Karla was gracious enough (after a minor bribe of the cost of the trip in new clothing) to be understanding and “let” me go away “somewhere warm” without her. So off we go, all four or five of us… oh wait, we had to switch the week we were going because the original date no longer worked for me, which means now two traveling companions also can’t go when we were going. So off we go, all three of us… oh wait, who was the third person anyways?

In summary, the vacation dwindled down to just two of us; myself and my friend Andrew. Which is totally awesome!!!! We are going to have a friggen fantastic time in Cayo Coco, Cuba at the Nh Krystal Laguana for 7 days, all inclusive. I totally can’t wait, I’m so excited.

Oh don’t worry there will be pictures… I will post them when I get back.