My Top 5 Most Impactful Tweeters

My Twitter Top 5Twitter has certainly evolved into my most loved social media platform. I love it because it’s ubiquitous, relevant, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. I can easily sample all 5 courses of the content marketing meal (including binging, my personal favourite) regardless of whether I have 2 minutes to spare before a meeting, or an hour to enjoy before heading to the office.

This flexibility is great, but what makes it the most valuable to me is the content tweeted and retweeted by the people I follow. So today I thought I would share my top 5 most impactful tweeters. So without further ado, and in alphabetical order:

Meet Sidneyeve Matrix @sidneyeve

Associate Professor, Media @ Queen’s University. Tracking social/mobile eMarketing & edTech trends

Sidneyeve has social media figured out, and routinely tweets engaging articles on a wide range of topics including two of my passions, technology and education.

Meet Tim O’Reilly @timoreilly

Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.

Tim is probably the most well connected person I follow. He posts polarizing opinions, retweets great articles, and does so in a way that is helpful and not overwhelming.

Meet Wes Robertson @roberwes

A #writer, #photographer, and #traveler with a #tech #management job in #MedEd @uoftmedicine.

A colleague in the field of technology in medical education, Wes uses Twitter to promote positive, inspiring, and constructive stories.

Meet Joel Spolsky @spolsky

Co-founder of Fog Creek Software and Stack Overflow

I can compare Joel to Obi-Wan Kenobi (in a wise not old sense). Joel has been in the technology and software industry a long time, and his pieces are regularly eye-opening.

Meet Julie Zhuo @joulee

Product design director @ Facebook. Lover of food, games, and words.

I am a relatively new Julie follower, but her piece on A Manager’s Manifesto turned me into an immediate fan.

Awe Snap, A Bonus Track

Meet Lifehacker @lifehacker

Don’t live to geek; geek to live.

I have to mention Lifehacker because I get so much value out of the topics these guys post, everything from how to save space in your cupboard drawers, to how to hack your own brain. A+ folks.