Because Everyone Has To Rant Once In A While

As a web developer in a graphic designers body I spend a lot of time making what I consider to be very usable and “pretty” interfaces, so I truly resent when Neophyte Bob arbitrarily and publicly posts something like “this interface is too techie” when what he actually mean is “this interface is not completely idiot proof”.

Come on Neophyte Bob it’s a blinkin’ select box, and by the way… stop using IE6.

Old Man River

Lazing down the misty river before dusk atop a Scudamore punt, face pointing to the West wishing but if for only a moment you would feel the warmth of mother sun on this cool late November afternoon. The fog chills your shoulders until you shiver, but the majestic site of St John’s keeps your keen eyes drawn and your sense of wonder engaged. What beauty came from such dark times you think to yourself as you take a moment to ponder the million thoughts that have passed by here over the ages.