Nellie Belly 2

Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with my Image Of The Week for the past few months. I have no excuses really, I am not sure what was going on. Either way, I am trying to once again focus on what is important to me, so here you have it: Nellie Belly 2

We have had Nellie now for about 4 months now, and she has grown tremendously in this time, as puppies do. She has been spayed, had her first hair cut, and is an all around happy attention seeking member of the family. Nellie and Dyna are also now best buds, who much to our dismay wrestle almost constantly. Dyna’s initial hesitation to the new family member quickly faded.

Looking back at our experience to this point, makes me very happy that Karla and I decided to get another puppy for our home.

One thought on “Nellie Belly 2

  1. Hi Matt and Karla
    I have been meaning to email you guys to see how Nellie is doing. From her picture she is really adorable. I am so happy that the both of you are enjoying her as well as is Dyna. Please forward any other pictures you may have of her. I also will send some over of Molly and Tobey.
    Hope to hear from you soon

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