Silentweb Reborn

Out of the mist once again rises Silentweb… haha, yeah right, but seriously thank-you to everyone who has been on my case for the past year, asking me when my site is going to be up and running again. It’s a good feeling to know that you have loyal visitors, some may say stalkers, who enjoy what I have to offer. Well you have probably noticed already that I don’t have any services listed up. “Awe, what happened to all your great free services” Dave from Baltimore asks. Well everyone, Silentweb will no longer be offering services at this site, but have no fear, I’ve created a site strictly dedicated to services. “Hurray” Dave from Baltimore responds. Yes, it’s true, but they are not all running yet, but they will be available soon from DigitalOrphans [].

Silentweb is my new home for my digital portfolio and a great home it is. I am a graphic designer after all and what better-a-place to display it then my oldest most home on the web. You can see my history section for more information on that if you like.

“So what services are you going to be offering from DigitalOrphans?” Dave from Baltimore says eagerly. Here is the list, some are old and some are new, of planned free services I’ll be offering within the next 12 months, in this order.

Here is a list of domains first that you will be able to choose from for applicable services: (for Canadians only sorry) – – – – and

* Free E-Mail (POP3/IMAP/Web-Based) which is auto-created by you on-line.
* Free Sub-Domain Re-Direction eg.
* Free Counter/Tracker Service for your site.
* XML News feed for your site.

That’s what I have planned for the year anyways, I will probably have more up too, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew in case I get a really good graphic design job and am working 80 hours a week.

On a final note, again, I would like to thank you for your support. Lets see if we can’t all work together to make DigitalOrphans a great community, and win some more awards.

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