The Simpsons in Real Life

No, I’m not talking about me actually being a Simpson (I’m Matt, not Bart or Homer, hell that’s old already)… I’m talking about real life people actually acting out the timeless “The Simpsons” cartoon introduction that my generation loves so much.

It’s pretty amazing and very well done, almost to a T. The only issue I noticed on first watch was when the end-of-day whistle blows at the Nuclear power plant and homer is rushing off, the glowing power-rod doesn’t stick to his back like it does in the cartoon introduction, yet he still pulls it out and tosses it when he’s driving in the car on the way home. Minor detail of course.

Did you see anything else missing?

P.S. Thank-you Karla for forwarding me the link to this! Mucho gracias.

One thought on “The Simpsons in Real Life

  1. Oh I just noticed that the grocery store lady actually doesn’t put Maggie in the brown paper shopping cart bag either… how dare they not endanger a child like that! haha… joking of course.

    ~Matt Simpson

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