Passport to Pass Port

I’ve recently been following some wrangling rants from various Canadian political big whigs including Stephen Harper, miscellaneous business giants and even civilians who are all up in arms about the United States requiring border crossers to have valid passports or advanced ID to enter the country by 2007.

I don’t normally side with the US Congress on issues (not because I have a vendetta or anything, but because they’re usually wrong), but I don’t really see the harm or major Economic impact for that matter that this will supposedly cause. You already need to show birth certificate / drivers licence when crossing the border, what’s the big deal with getting your passport? Sure it requires a bit of work on your part, but come on, everyone should have a valid passport anyways.

As for Canadian businesses that cross the border every day, the Canadian government will have to come up with a solution sooner rather than later, so stop complaining and start pressuring the politicians to get their ass in gear and come up with a nice RFID solution (which is already in use by Americans at 5 border crossings). I mean geeze, the technology doesn’t have to be invented or something, piggy-back on the existing Homeland Security project already.

Again, normally I don’t like to follow a US led anything, but I think Canada should have a similar policy at our borders. No passport, no entry… simple as that.

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