The Simpsons Are Going To England!

Well if you stumbled across this post because you were looking for the Simpsons TV show episode where Bart finds Mr. Burns’ $1000 bill, then they decide to go to England on vacation (which by the way is called The Regina Monologues) this isn’t it… sorry about your luck.

Karla and I are heading to the UK, and we are pretty dang excited about it. Neither of us has ever been to Europe before and we’re going for nearly three weeks and plan to see everything we possibly can see during our stay.

My sister moved to England about 3 months ago for a job opportunity, and since this is technically her first holiday season away from the family and on her own, I thought it would be a nice time to jump over the pond and pay her a visit. While we are there I plan to visit a few clients and colleagues as well, which I’ve previously never met in person before so that will be a nice adventure.

I plan to take copious amounts of pictures on my Canon Rebel XT while I’m there as well (Sidenote: On a new 4GB compact flash card that I just bought for $102.00CAD from TigerDirect… can you believe it? 4GB’s for $100! That’s sick… I paid more then that for my 64MB SD not too long ago) so prepare for a new vacations section in my photo album 🙂

If you know of any “must see” places… please feel free to suggest them. We have no solid plans at this point, but are just planning to travel as much as possible and take in everything we can.

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  1. Just a follow up to my gloating of getting a 4GB compact flash card for $100… Yeah, so I got it in the mail, put it in my camera and was immediately annoyed when it took 30 seconds to save a blinkin’ image. After a few pictures were taken, I tried to download them to my Powerbook… no suck luck.

    After a quick Google search, I came across a Seagate web page that reads:

    Q: My Photo Drive is painfully slow while formatting, taking several consecutive pictures, and while previewing captured images. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT*. What’s wrong?

    A: There is a known incompatibility with the latest released camera firmware (1.0.3) and the current drive firmware. This causes the observed slow performance.

    Check the firmware version on the camera menu. If you have recently purchased your Digital Rebel XT (* a.k.a. EOS 350D or Kiss Digital N), the camera firmware is most likely to be 1.0.3. The previous firmware ,version 1.0.2, works well with our drives.

    A similar issue has also been seen with the Canon EOS 20D and the recently released camera firmware 2.0.3. For this camera firmware 2.0.2 works well with our drives.

    Q: How can I resolve the problem?

    A: New drive firmware has been developed and tested for effectiveness in resolving this issue. Please contact your nearest Seagate warranty center for an exchange.

    Arg… so the $100 compact flash card is now $107 because I had to ship it off to Seagate to get the damn firmware upgraded. Figures 😉 I’ll post another comment when I get it back to see how it went.


  2. Just a follow up while I clicked on this link. I did get my card back from Seagate. They actually accidentally shipped me the 8GB model, which I normally wouldn’t complain about; however, it’s still slow as hell in my Rebel XT so I don’t use it.

    I’d imagine it works just fine for other things, but I’m not going to fight with it anymore. Besides, I decided something… Bigger isn’t always better! If I use an 8GB CF card, I can store 4000 pictures on a single card. If I use that card and go away, then lose my camera or something happens to it, then I’ve lost _all_ of my pictures. If I have 8 1GB cards, then I only lose a small percentage.

    Meh. Oh well… expensive lesson I suppose. Hopefully someone on eBay will have a use for it.

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