A Hockey Matt-ch

IMG_5190.JPGAny close friend of mine will tell you that I am far from a sports fan. In fact I would say that I work pretty hard to avoid hockey, baseball, football, etc. That said, when presented with the opportunity to attend an NHL hockey game I would likely take it. I’ve attended 2 NHL games this year actually, one in Montreal (Habs vs. Carolina) and the other in Ottawa (Sens vs. Pens).

The game in Montreal was my first NHL game ever, and I must say I was not overly impressed. Perhaps because I’m not actually a hockey fan, perhaps because I was some what intoxicated during the game (a la Huron County friends) or perhaps because our seats were so high up (like above the press box high up) that I felt as thought I should be harnessed into my seat.

This is why I decided to give the Senators a chance. This game was a heck of a lot better. It was moderately exciting and they put out the Penguins (game 5 of the Eastern conference semi-finals I’m told), plus the Scotia Bank Place is a nice stadium and I could actually see the players.

I managed to bring my camera into this game, feel free to check out the photographs.

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