Multiple Accounts in Google Drive

Google released their Google Drive last week, and I’m feeling conflicted about it. On one hand it’s awesome, nearly everything I would want in a document sharing service; on the other hand Dropbox has been providing me with similar functionality for years when Google couldn’t or wouldn’t, so I have a certain level of loyalty there.

Regardless of my internal struggles I thought I would point out one glaring issue I have with Google Drive: I have 2 Google accounts, a personal one and a work one, and this intentional line in the sand cannot be crossed.

Based on a statement from their support website it is currently

“not possible to use Google Drive for your Mac/PC with more than one account at the same time”

Okay that is fine with me actually, but at least let me configure two accounts in settings (each with their own separate shared directory) and then let me switch between the one that is actively syncing. The disconnecting and connecting with a different account (as they suggest) doesn’t really solve the issue of keeping these two accounts separate.

This was never really an issue with Dropbox for me because of how I structured my Dropbox directory, whereby my “Work” directory was shared with work people, and my “Home” directory was shared with family.

Besides that one glaring issue I have to say, I am very impressed with Google Drive. The integration with Google Docs is especially brilliant.

At this point Drive and Dropbox coexist happily together on my Mac, each being used for something slightly different.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Accounts in Google Drive

  1. Edgaras Leichteris

    Have found such workaround on the internet, maybe it will help at least till google comes with oficial solution:

  2. This was a disappointment, but not a surprising one. I have to juggle multiple Google account for personal, work, and volunteer work. I loved Google when I only had a personal account, but once you have to work with multiple accounts, it becomes painful. Google needs to make this a priority in their development efforts, otherwise otherwise loyal user will start looking for other services so that they can easily juggle personal and professional lives, and multiple organizations easily from the same computer and same browser.

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