Home Voice Automation is a Bad Idea… with Children

As I plugged in my Amazon Echo Dot today, an event that happens only once in a while, I realized that owning this sort of technology is a probably bad idea… with children.

Approximately 25-30% of households have children under 9 years old, and out of those households, a high percentage have more than 1 child. Have you personally experienced the gong show of children with voice automation? If not, you should pull up a chair, put on your patience cap, and watch. You wouldn’t think an AI (i.e. Alexa) could get angry… well, as it turns out, 3 children can definitely make Alexa want to turn herself off.

The whole event caused everyone in the room (AI included) to become immediately frustrated and confused.

Then it was turned off… until next time when I forget how frustrating it is.

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