Open Letter to Rogers

I am a Rogers customer and have been for 4 years now. I have been anticipating Apple’s iPhone launch in Canada for well over a year, and I even held out on buying a hacked iPhone from the States, because I wanted to buy an “official” one from you guys to celebrate the Canadian launch. Heck, I was even going to wait in a line to buy one… that is until last week.

To my incredible surprise and disappointment, your iPhone plan pricing is in my opinion a complete joke that not only does not benefit me the customer, but also does not benefit your share holders. You are hindering your own long-term success with Apple, by trying to capitalize on your short-term monopoly. I believe your iPhone plans are undermining what Apple is trying to do in the cell phone industry, and I would be surprised if Apple just let you do it.

I just wanted to let someone at Rogers know (even though a human will probably never read this) that I hope you enjoy the 100 iPhones Apple has sent you for your big launch (joke re: Apple sanctioning Rogers), and that the GPS feature is not attractive enough for me now (because of your plan pricing) to not buy a hacked 1st generation iPhone from the net.

Disappointed Customer,
Matt Simpson