Although I work full time for Queen’s University, develop ListMessenger as a side business, teach part-time at St. Lawrence College during the winter semester and spend what I consider to be a lot of quality time with my wife, I thought this year that I should go back to school and taking some courses at Queen’s. So off I went, jumping through the hoops and finally landing in Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (honours) with a major in Applied Economics.

In hindsight I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but what it’s come to at this point is “wow, this hard and while somewhat interesting, it’s definitely not interesting enough to dedicate so much time to at this point.” Or as an economist would say, the opportunity cost of this course for me right now is ridiculously expensive.

Anyway to the point of the blog entry… I just handed in Assignment 3 which I “completed” last night. After walking across campus to hand this in, I had an epiphany that it was just a bit too simple compared to previous assignments. When I got back, I hopped on the ECON111x website and grabbed the assignment file again only to find out the PDF document actually had two pages. Yep, me “the computer geek” didn’t realize the file had two pages.

Very unfortunate for me because the section I actually did complete was only worth 48 marks, where as the second section was worth 52 marks. So my track record for assignments for this course is poor at best with an average of 49.6%. The final exam is worth 60% of our mark and is only a month away. I should really start studying for that 😉

* Note to self: Drop Macroeconomics which I’m supposed to be taking next semester while working full time at Queen’s, working on ListMessenger and teaching at St. Lawrence College.

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