Late Night Software Releases

I have yet to figure out why every time I release a new version of ListMessenger, I always end up going to bed at a ridiculously late hour. It seems to me that no matter what I have completed and tested, there is always just that one more thing I want to get done. Either way, I slept soundly last night knowing that ListMessenger Pro 2.0.1 was out the door and there would be no more support issues for Internet Explorer and HTMLArea! ha. It made my day this morning when I read a post in the forum that said it now takes only a few seconds to queue 10,000 subscribers, much better than a few minutes in previous releases. I don’t know why I never knew about SQL’s INSERT SELECT query before, it’s been around forever. I guess it’s just one of those things you don’t know is there unless you need, and to my defense the documentation on the MySQL website is not so good.

What’s next in ListMessenger development? Well, I have to do ListMessenger Light 2.0.1 now, which shouldn’t take me too long to remove the Pro features… I assume I can do this in a night or so (so that really means a week). I also need to update the documentation and information on the actual website as well, especially the demo. I have actually started to setup the new demo on it’s own sub-domain but I stopped last night because I was too tired to actually restrict the demo features. I would love to finish that tonight, but I have to finish that Microeconomics assignment that my professor so gracefully said he would accept on Wednesday in class from me.

I’ll blog about the new features I’m planning for ListMessenger 3.0 at a later date. Blogging about it seems to help straighten things out in my head as well. Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you 😉

Best Regards,
Matt Simpson

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