Duh, It Can’t Thunder When It Snows! Can It?

So I was sitting here at work listening to music, working on some database stuff during the first major snow fall of 2005, when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like thunder. I quickly shrugged it off as a snow plow and went back to work. A couple minutes later our administrative assistant comes in and says “Did you hear the thunder?”, to which I replied, “It can’t thunder during I snow storm, it was a snow plow.” We both looked out the window and saw the roads were still snowy but I didn’t think anymore about it until I heard it again (this time the music was off). It rumbled and rumbled and rumbled. So of course what do I do? I jump on the net (I actually went to Ask Jeeves first because sometimes Google doesn’t answer questions that well). Sure enough I see “Thundersnow”. Can you believe it? Who would-a thought.

Morale of the story: To save yourself from looking like an ass by saying it can’t thunder when it’s snowing, learn about weather phenomena like Thundersnow.

Best Regards,
Matt Simpson

One thought on “Duh, It Can’t Thunder When It Snows! Can It?

  1. Neat.. I had no idea about that either. Isn’t the internet great? I have no idea how people got by before the internet.. I guess just without knowing tons of random, mostly useless information..

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