gDisk + gMail = Sweet Online Storage

Being a techie person I haven’t often been writing about techie sorts of things, so here’s one for you. I stumbled across a very nifty little application today called gDisk that uses Google gMail’s 2.5GB of storage as a portable hard drive by allowing any Mac user to connect to and store data in their gMail account. These aren’t stored as e-mails or anything, the data is just stored in your account. It’s a very neat system, I recommend checking it out.

This got me thinking, Google is missing a couple of things:

1) They should allow you to connect by WebDAV to “Google Disk” or “Google Central” or something like that. This service should be a central storage engine for all your Google data (Base, gMail, etc).

2) I really wish they offered IMAP to connect to gMail vs. just POP3. I’ve grown to really hate POP3. Just a thought anyways.

Either way, check out that gDisk application if you’re on a Mac.

Best Regards,
Matt Simpson

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