Rollercoaster First Week of 2006

After not blogging much over the Holidays this year I have a few important life-notes to blog about today. Two Thousand and Six has started out with a major up and down, and staying true to chronological order I’ll start with the bad before the good.

.: The Bad News :.
On January 2nd, 2006 my Grandmother passed away in the hospital after falling ill two weeks prior. I miss her already and wish I would have spent more time with her and called her on the telephone just a bit more often. Human nature I guess, to need something tragic to happen before realizing what you’re missing.

My wife and I left for Richmond, Quebec at the end of last week to attend my Grandmothers visitation, funeral and burial. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there and shake hands with the the few hundred people that showed up at the visitation. Many of them told a few stories of how they knew and will remember her and everyone paid their respects. The funeral service was short but powerful and finally the burial took place a top a snow covered cemetery in Ulverton, Quebec where she was laid to rest beside my Grandfather who passed away 12 years earlier.

I will always remember and cherish the times throughout my life I have spent with my Grandmother Simpson and I thank her for all my great memories. I would also like to thank my wife, Karla Simpson, for all of her incredible love and support during this difficult time. Karla; you are an amazing person and great to me and I love you with all my heart.

.: The Good News :.
On January 2nd, 2006 a long time friend (and ex-girlfriend actually) Cassie, asked me to be her “Man-of-honour” in her wedding this summer. She actually called me only a few hours after I had found out my grandmother had passed away, so I was sort of at a low-point, a bit confused at first, but delighted none-the-less. After I had a few minutes to let everything sink in I realized what an honour had been bestowed upon me… I don’t know any other weddings who have had a man standing up with the bride. I only had two small reservations before agreeing to the title.

  1. No matter how cute I’d look, I would not be wearing a dress / skirt of any sorts to the wedding.
  2. I will not be accompanying her to a male strip clubs at any time for her bachelorette party or any other event.

After both conditions where agreed to with a few laughs, I accepted and I am really looking forward to to accompanying her on her wedding day, August 5th, 2006.

A bit of history behind Cassie… she’s an army brat that moved around a lot when she was younger. I met her through another really good friend of mine, Kevin Hogan, while he was dating her during our first year of high-school. After Kev and her broke up, Cassie and I briefly dated for a few months and then called it quits before she moved away. After she moved, we always kept in touch, keeping each other up to date on our lives, friends, family, etc. I have always found it interesting to hear Cassie grow up over the past 10 years and see her settle down with her fiance John, who from what I know, is a really nice guy and perfect match for Cassie’ personality.

Thank-you Cassie and John for the opportunity, I’m looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

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