Another Bump in the 2006 Track

On my continued report of 2006, I’ll say that the second week ended with a bit of a bump. I was sitting at home on Friday evening and around 8:20PM my telephone rings… It was my wife, stating she had just been in a car accident.

I jumped up off the couch, wrestled with trying to get a stubborn sock on my foot and sped off to the intersection she gave me to make sure everything was OK. Upon arrival a spectator filled me in on what she saw happen… my wife was in the middle of the road turning left and clearing the intersection on a yellow light, when another car tried to make it through the yellow / red light. It just so happens that the car that tried to beat the light was a female off-duty OPP officer, who we’re told is a sweet-heart.

This unfortunate accident resulted in both parties being charged. Karla got “Left turn – fail to afford reasonable opportunity to avoid collision” which is a $110 fine and 4 points. We’re still thinking about whether to fight this in court or not, because the fact is that Karla did nothing wrong, she did exactly what she was supposed to do.

All in all, Karla’s poor new Yellow Saturn is pretty much destroyed and we’re waiting to hear from the insurance company as to what the verdict is as to whether it is a write-off or not.

We’re just so lucky that both Karla and Tanya are OK and I’ll definitely be giving updates on this as they happen. I’m especially interested in blogging about dealing with an insurance company for the first time. We have all of our insurance through State Farm and have always been happy dealing with our local office, this should be a good test of their system.

Experience Log with State Farm:

[-] Small Issue:
My local office wasn’t open on the weekend so I had to wait until today to talk to them. We could have filed the claim with the 24 hour toll-free number, but I’d rather talk to my local people.

[+] Positive:
First thing Monday morning I was speaking with my local office and they got everything started for me right away. They asked a few questions and said I should expect a call shortly from a claims officer. I was called within an hour and the lady setup a rental car for my wife, and contacted the garage where the car was towed. Easy as pie thus far.

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