DigitalOrphans Update (v10)

  1. Server Maintenance Status Report
    Just a quick update to let everyone know that the required server upgrades were performed successfully this evening. All RedHat Errata were applied on both websrv01 and websrv02 and both servers were rebooted without incident. websrv02 also received a Plesk update which pushed it to version 8.0.1. The only thing that was not completed was the PHP 5.1 upgrade on websrv02; I have read of a few minor issues I must first look into regarding the webmail application (Horde) and PHP 5.1 compatibility. I will be investigating this over the weekend (likely Sunday evening), but I will not be scheduling any downtime for this upgrade because generally it will happen so fast that no-one would notice.
  2. Conclusions
    I am always a happy camper when upgrades go “as-planned” 😉 If anyone notices any problems or is having trouble accomplishing something that was previously working, please contact me immediately.

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