Jeeves, News Please

So I’ve always been one of those people who gets angry at people who win lotteries and blow all their money on stupid investments, expensive houses and fancy cars that you’d be scared to drive for the fear of someone running into you. My theory is, keep what you need to enjoy the rest of your life with your family and friends and do something with rest that will cement your name in history, such as paying for a new cancer centre at your local hospital… or bettering the lives of people who actually need it.

That said, I would do one stupid thing… I would like to hire someone to read the news, all the news, or at least a lot of the news, and tell me interesting things on demand… I’m talkin RSS feeds, local papers, foreign papers, anything and everything. Then summarize all of that news into brief conversations that I could ponder in my spare time. If I was really interested in an article, maybe they would also be required to do extra research and provide a detailed report or something to that effect.

I used to read a lot of news, almost exclusively through RSS feeds, but I found that it cluttered my brain with things I wasn’t super interested in and I never did find a good way of training any RSS readers to read everything and show me stuff I’d be interested in.

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